Fencing requires shorts bursts of explosive acceleration.Fencing has a seasoned history as one of the original nine sports in the modern Olympics.Fencing is ‘physical chess’ and having a strong mind and mental fortitude is very important.The fencing community is very friendly and welcoming, towards newcomers and veterans of the sport alike.Despite hitting each other with swords, fencing has one of the lowest injury rates among Olympic Sports.Your success or failure depends on you.Fencing takes a good deal of practice to get into and actually start fencing. Fencing requires a referee to correctly interpret which athlete has scored, a requirement that often leads to immense subjectivity in the sport.


  • Enjoy sports that require short bursts of strength and speed
  • Like mental challenges or games
  • Harbor hopes of competing in college or the Olympics
  • Prefer that your success is defined only by you
  • Are looking for a community that is as friendly as it is competitive
  • Want to ‘fight’ your opponent without much risk of injury
  • Don’t mind that the sport can be a little subjective
  • Are willing to invest a good amount of time and resources to improve

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